What It Means to Be a Mom

A restful night of sleep becomes a thing of the past.

An empty laundry hamper is one of the best things in the world… but never seems to last very long.

You accept that at some point, you have been covered with every bodily fluid imaginable.

Your kid is dressed like a model out of a magazine, but you look somewhat like a deranged homeless person, or zombie (take your pick).

You also realize that if your kid looks really good, maybe they won’t notice how bad you look…

Your adult world slowly becomes consumed with toys… toys everywhere…

If you didn’t drink coffee before having kids, you do now!

You live for nap-times and especially bedtime, but as soon as you get them down you start missing their sweet little faces.

You come to understand the importance of never leaving the house without snacks, SNACKS and more SNACKS. Did I mention snacks?

Grocery shopping becomes both exhausting and somewhat traumatizing for all persons involved.

You begin to appreciate the small things in life, like taking a hot shower, eating a meal uninterrupted, and going to the bathroom alone.

Even being able to watch an entire episode of a show all by yourself is pretty much heaven on earth!

You come to understand that absolutely EVERYONE has an opinion and they always feel the need to share it.

You accept the fact that most people THINK they know what’s best for your child more than you do.

You miss the freedom you had before having a kid, but you wouldn’t change it for the world because you would miss them so so so much more.

You start to wonder if you ever truly understood what it means to unconditionally love someone.

Nothing makes you happier than seeing your child laugh or smile!

And most importantly, you know there is no greater honour or pleasure than being a mom.

The OCD Mommy



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